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【Weekday from 21 o'clock】 All you can eat Italian and drink bar 1380 yen (tax excluded)

【Weekday from 21 o'clock】 All you can eat Italian and drink bar 1380 yen (tax excluded)

1380 yen

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All-you-can-drink available

Drink bar (soft drink only)

Available days for reservation
Monday - Friday and the day before holiday

Time service from 21: 00-22: 30 Napoli pizza · pasta · salad · cuisine · dessert · soft cream all you can eat.It is a charge with a drink bar.Elementary school student 800 yen (tax excluded) / infant 400 yen (excluding tax) / 2 years old or under is free.Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 1480 yen (excluding tax)

Course menu


★ ★ Pasta ★ ★

Pepperoncino of garlic butter sauce

Autumn eggplant and sausage tomato spaghetti

Japanese style spaghetti with bacon mushrooms

Menta cream pasta

Pescatora of the Fishes of the Sea

★ ★ Pizza ★ ★

Pissolino fall quarter pizza

Smoked salmon cream pizza with black pepper

Caramel Sweet potato pizza

【Napoli pizza】



Mochi mochi mentaiko

Mushroom meat pizza

Teriyaki chicken


Quattro Formagio

Quattro Formage o Honey




Vongole Bianco



Mentaiko pasta

Pig Shabu-shabu and Tarikharina

Carbonara of thick cutting bacon

Bologna style meat sauce

Peaceful people

Pepperoncino of garlic and pepper (Arlio Orio)


· Potato salad · Tomato · Corn

· Seaweed · Pickles etc.


· Corn soup · Beef curry · French fries · Ingredients Miso cucumber

· How and with bamboo shoots · Chili sauce · Mushroom cream croquette

· Seasonal frit · Boiled egg · Special doria · Jambalaya

· Chicken raising · Omreis etc.


· Cheesecake · Gateau Chocolat · Pudding · Orange

· Choco fondu (marshmallow, donut etc.)

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