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【Pizza × draft beer ★ Pasta × wine】 Alcohol drinks all you can add at regular course price + 1280 yen (tax included) OK!

【Pizza × draft beer ★ Pasta × wine】 Alcohol drinks all you can add at regular course price + 1280 yen (tax included) OK!

By using a coupon¥ 1080

It will be an extra charge of all you can drink.Separately, all you can eat is charged.

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All-you-can-drink available

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Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Naples pizza · pasta · salad · cuisine · dessert · soft ice cream is all you can eat as all you can drink with popular pissolino ♪ You can add as much as you want from one person in the group so you can drink all you can drink alcohol alone When booking please fill in the number of alcohol addition from this place in the message column.

Course menu

※ All you can eat is different depending on the time of the week.Please check each charge.

Here is the price for all you can drink.All you can eat is below.


★ ★ Pasta ★ ★

● Hot Spring Egg Sukiyaki Pasta

● Anchovies and Komatsuna peperoncino

● Bocca and mushrooms boscaiora

● sausage and spinach cream pasta

★ ★ Pizza ★ ★

● Colorful vegetables and tuna gratin pizza

● Heart pizza of strawberries

☆ ☆ Dinner limited special menu ☆ ☆

★ Cross paste tomato cream pasta ★

★ Roast beef pizza

【Napoli pizza】



Mochi mochi mentaiko

Mushroom meat pizza

Teriyaki chicken


Quattro Formagio

Quattro Formage o Honey




Vongole Bianco



Mentaiko pasta

Pig Shabu-shabu and Tarikharina

Carbonara of thick cutting bacon

Bologna style meat sauce

Peaceful people


· Potato salad · Tomato · Corn

· Seaweed · Pickles etc.


· Corn soup · Beef curry · French fries · Ingredients Miso cucumber

· How and with bamboo shoots · Chili sauce · Mushroom cream croquette

· Seasonal frit · Boiled egg · Special doria · Jambalaya

· Chicken raising · Omreis etc.


· Cheese cake · Gateau chocolat · pudding · orange · choco fondue (marshmallow, donut etc.)

All-you-can-drink menu

·draft beer
· Sapporo black label
· Glass wine
·Red and white
· Plum wine soda
· Plum wine soda
· Horn balls
· Chu-hi
· Cork High · Calpis High · Lemon High · Peach High
·cold sake
· Selected Cold Sake

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